Wednesday, May 7, 2008


You know i've been serfing the net for a while and it was very hard to find illustrations for my new blog. I've been searching for few hours and get tiered and then i've found great weblog. John just started it and from the very beginning he start uploading illustrations. Well I dont know what to say. Check his illustration list blog.

Thursday, April 10, 2008,, and Vero - Redesigned!

Can you believe it? All these three major hosting companies redesigned the same time!

Here are a few shots.


You can read more about it at blog - Serve the Servers

Nice try! Looks like really great idea. I wonder if any of these hosting monsters will hear and actually change the design of their websites?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Top 5 sexiest bikes...

There's no doubt that all of green sports cars lists that appear on Digg are cool as hell, but the sexiest and most sustainable form of transportation out there is the bicycle, and the only form of transportation that comes with ZERO carbon emissions. Now these bikes will get you laid! or maybe not, but they are pretty!

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Web 2.0 Design Degree

Ultimate Web Development Cheat Sheets

So your sitting there on Saturday morning, sipping on a nice warm cup of coffee or tea, smell the freshness of the morning, and whipping up some html, CSS and trying out some new AJAX programming. Your stuck on something, you wish you had a quick cheat sheet to get you back on track.

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The 10 Biggest Mistakes Freelancers Make, and How to Avoid Them

No freelancer is perfect — not me, not you, not even the best of us. We all make mistakes, all the time, and if we’re smart, we learn from them.Some mistakes, however, are more crucial than others, and if we can correct or avoid those mistakes, we’ll survive.

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PICTURES: World's Smallest Houses

Here are some pictures of the world's smallest houses. It's in German so I don't know what it says but the houses are wicked small.

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